Marijuana Update

On Wednesday we were set to put in place the plan we voted for on October 18, 2017: a temporary ban on all additional marijuana activities pending the outcome of a vote of the people in November, which we approved 5-0.

Some ambiguity arose because the one farmer who has asked for commercial cultivation is now exploring an agrihood. In the case that we go with the agrihood, we may decide not to put a cannabis cultivation, medical marijuana delivery and outdoor personal cannabis cultivation to a vote of the people. 

One of my concerns with marijuana has been balancing the access and use of marijuana by adults according to Prop. 64 and protecting safety zones around schools, day care centers and other places kids hang out. With marijuana delivery, I have honestly struggled with how to strike that balance. I was encouraged on Wednesday that new technology could enable a "geofence" for that safe zone around schools, day care centers, etc. during school hours. This would still allow patients without caregivers access to medicine, which is important to me.

However, on Wednesday we did not have the clarity on the cannabis ballot measure, and, perhaps, more importantly, we did not have a medical marijuana delivery ordinance to move forward with approving marijuana delivery outright. In my mind, if we decide not to take a cannabis measure to a vote of the people, then we should develop a medical marijuana delivery ordinance properly, thoughtfully, with the appropriate public outreach, and recommendation from the Planning Commission, so that we can balance the need for sick people without caregivers to get access to much needed medicine, while protecting our youth around schools, day care centers and youth centers.