Encinitas Districts start in 2018

Screenshot 2017-11-04 14.25.42.png

On Wednesday we concluded three months of a districting process, where we listened to residents and our fellow Council Members, evolved our positions and decided on a map that will be the basis for future City Council elections. The process was anonymous to ensure objectivity and this map will safeguard that coastal and inland projects will be fairly weighted in City decision-making in the future. We voted 3-2 (Muir and Kranz voting no) to move to districts using Map 16 with Districts 3 and 4 up in 2018 and Districts 3 and 4 up in 2020.

In 2018, voters in District 3 (Cardiff, New Encinitas, Old Encinitas) and District 4 (New Encinitas and Olivehain) will be able to vote for their City Council Members, as well as the entire City voting for the at-large mayor.  In 2020, District 1 (Leucadia, New Encinitas) and District 2 (Old Encinitas, Leucadia will vote for their new City Council Members, as well as the entire City voting for the at-large mayor.

2020 Census and Redrawing Boundaries
No map was perfect and we chose the best we had to work with. Which is why it is a good thing that in 2021 the district maps will be redrawn based on the 2020 census data. This gives us three years to test out the districts, see what works and what doesn't, and be able to rebalance districts in 2021. And as always, as state law and case law change, the Council will watch with intense interest as to what applies to Encinitas.

For those of you who missed it, here is a summary of my blog entries on the districting process:

While the Council did not want to move to districts, the state law sets the bar so low that cities have almost no legal recourse in court. Wasting taxpayer money on a legal battle we are likely to lose was not the fiscally responsible thing to do.