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Finding a solution to the active landslide area at Beacon’s Beach that preserves beach access, ensures public accessibility and maximizes beach space in the face of sea level rise is a tall order. Since 2002 the city has been working on achieving a consensus that works for the city and the state agencies like the California State Parks and the California Coastal Commission. To date no consensus has been reached. 

This is especially frustrating for anyone who visits Beacon’s regularly. Earlier this year a sidewalk buckle had to be patched and on Wednesday we heard from the public who recounted more issues. This is a clear and present safety issue that has several aspects: type of beach access (trail, stairs, trail/stairs combo); ensuring safety with an active landslide; impact on parking (bolster, retreat); liability to the neighboring properties; achieving consensus with the California Coastal Commission (minimizing armoring of the lower bluff).

You may recall in March, we had an agenda item to fully fund an option that turned out to not be acceptable to the California Coastal Commission, so the item was pulled from the agenda. Since then it appears little coordination with key stakeholders has happened. I appreciate staff putting this back on our agenda, but the report in front of us was unclear how it would address the issues mentioned above, get to a constructible solution and still requested $600,000. 

Ultimately Council achieved consensus to ask staff to coordinate with stakeholders and bring back a clearer and more robust staff report that would clearly identify how to get to a solution. Stay tuned!