Beacon's Beach (Beacon Beach to some) has an active landslide area and just a view of the crumbling northern sidewalk gives you an idea of what danger it presents. Since I have been on Council, this is the third time we have heard staff's recommendation for an approach. And apparently the third time's the charm!

beacons 2.jpg

Staff listened to our comments on August 16 and returned on the 30th with a new proposal that had been aligned with key stakeholders and the California Coastal Commission staff. This proposal falls within the previously budgeted funding and will retreat the parking lot a little from the most dangerous landslide area. This may result in a few lost parking spots, but staff will do what they can to retain as much as possible. There will also be a stairwell built, much like at D Street or Grandview beach access points, on the south side, where Beacon's is most stable. My hope is that we can keep the existing trail as long as it is safe. This solution still requires a soil cement (AKA artificial sandstone) buttress at the bottom, but with a much smaller footprint.

This clearly is a better way forward since it 1) is more likely to be approved by the California Coastal Commission; 2) it is likely to be about half the cost of other configurations; and 3) it is a minimal approach that provides for the safe access, minimizes parking loss, avoids landform alternation, loss of beach and unnecessary fortification. 

I look forward to the engineering designs, environmental clearance and permitting to get to a safe and stable solution for Beacon's.