When Council approved the Deemed Approved Ordinance (DAO) in June, we asked staff to come back with a creative plan to enforce the nuisance elements related to alcohol, especially noise. Having driven the DAO process since my days on the Planning Commission, my goal has always been to balance the needs of residents' legitimate needs for peace and quiet with a thriving downtown. The key to this was to create a uniform set of rules -- the DAO -- and then enforce it. 

So I was very pleased that our staff was creative with a proposal for a new use of a new program for retired Sheriffs, called the 960 Hour Rehire Program. For less than $60,000, two retired Sheriffs in plain clothes will monitor alcohol-serving establishments at night to ensure compliance with the DAO. 

While they will be responsible citywide, they will focus in the near term on the coastal areas where we have the most calls for service and complaints. In addition to proactively visiting local businesses, they will take hotline calls in case of disturbance and can directly react to them. This should make for a clear and predictable process for businesses as well as substantially reducing nuisance issues on the coast. 

The DAO goes into effect September 9. Here is the San Diego Union Tribune article on this issue.