On Wednesday we received an item that was a good idea: improve a sidewalk segment on B Street (the extension of Encinitas Blvd west of Highway 101) that was causing chaotic parking that decreased pedestrian connectivity. But looking at the single cause (a parking complaint), meant that a larger solution that addressed the larger issue of connectivity was missed.

Moonlight Beach welcomes over three million visitors a year and the primary pedestrian access north of the beach is on B Street. The north side it the primary connection to businesses and residents and currently has a partially functioning sidewalk from Highway 101 to Second Street; an ADA non-compliant dirt path from Second Street to Third Street; and no connectivity between Third Street and 4th Street (and Moonlight Beach). On the south side of B Street, a curb-protected pedestrian path exists, but for some of the stretch is is only separated by paint, reducing pedestrian safety. With such a large visitor population, it is extremely important that safe facilities exist to give predictability, safety and visibility to cars, bikes and pedestrians.

I am thankful that my fellow council members unanimously supported my motion to expand this project to extent from Highway 101 to Moonlight Beach and add ADA compliant accessibility through a continuous sidewalk network on the north side of B Street.